Fire 1On1 series includes products that:

  • Are automatic and portable
  • Needs no manual supervision
  • Can be deployed manually in a number of scenarios
  • Can be thrown into fire
  • Can be sprayed on to fire

FIRE 1On1 series includes products that start working at lightning speed when they come in contact with fire and extinguishes the fire before it can spread by preventing it from reigniting. Its cost-effective pricing now makes it possible for everyone to afford to protect themselves and their possessions from the irrecoverable damage a fire can cause to life and property.

Fire 1On1 Series is effective on most types of fires

  • Type A – combustible solids which tend to glow, like wood, paper etc,
  • Type B – combustible liquids like petrol, diesel, grease etc,
  • Type C – gas and electrical fires (even if there is water, because of the process of water turning to steam, the transformation prevents conduction of electricity.

The product is safe for humans and animals that compliment its eco-friendliness. We, at FIRE 1On1, are committed to providing happier, safer and worry-free lives.