Our Products requires no recharge and no check-up, thereby saving money unlike most of the extinguishers.


It is light weight, readily accessible for immediate use, sufficient quantity and size to deal with the expected fire.

Eco Friendly

The product contains bio-degradable ingredients which decomposes by the action of living organisms.

Safe for You

The product is 100% safe to humans or animals and designed in a way that it contains no sharp material that can cause injury.

Welcome to FIRE 1On1

FIRE 10n1 is the Next Generation Series of Fire Prevention Apparatus, which is lightweight, compact in size and extremely easy to use.

About us

FIRE 1On1 series was incepted with a vision to cater to the global safety market with an array of effective, innovative products along with re-launching of the classic products in the era of latest technology; hence, the Generation Next of safety products. At FIRE 1On1, we are engaged in manufacturing, marketing, training, consultancy of Fire Extinguishing Apparatus and Fire Prevention Apparatus. We are bound to provide our consumers, newer of the newest, safer of the safest, better than the best, and the latest safety products.

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