Technical Specification
Capacity (Kg) 500 gms, 1, 2, 4, 6 & 9 Kg
Anti-Corrosive Inhibitor Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating
PressureConforming IS Code 15683
Type of Extinguisher Constant Pressure
Type of Extinguishing Media Dry Powder IS 14609(MAP90, MAP50)
Expellant Pressurized with N2 Gas / Gas Cartridge
Minimum Effective Discharge (%) 85
Minimum jet Length (mtrs.) More than 2
Discharge Time (Sec.) More than 8
Hydraulic Test Pressure (Kgf/cm2) 35
Operating Position Upright
Charged Pressure (Kgf/cm2) 15
Operating Temperature Range ° (176) {C} (-)10 to (+)55
Operating Valve Squeeze Grip Type with Discharge Hose & Nozzle
Class A Fire : Wood, Textiles, Paper, Clothes, Cotton Mill, Jute Mill etc.
Class B Fire : Petroleum, Oil, Paint, Varnish, Solvent, Aviation Fuel, Flammable and Volatile Liquids etc.
Class C Fire : Flammable Gasses, Industrial Gasses etc. As well as Electrically Started Fires.