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Automatic & Portable Fire Extinguishers

Install Automatic Fire Protection to avoid Fire Accidents.

Fire Safety Training

Training for RWAs and Corporate Sector

Other Fire Safety Products

Fire 1on1 is your one-stop destination for complete fire safety products that ensures safety of your goods.

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  • Automatic and Portable (APFE)
  • Solar Fan
  • Solar Rechargeable Emergency Light
  • Solar 5W Laser20-SMD Torch
  • Square Wave Sign 1050 900VA 12V
  • Square Wave Sign 850 700VA 12V
  • Square Wave Sign 1650 1500VA 24V
  • LED Bulb
  • LED Tubelight
  • INT 1500 Tubular Batteries
  • INT 1700 Tubular Batteries
  • INVT 1525 Tubular Batteries
  • INT 22000 Tubular Batteries
  • ABC Dry Chemical
  • Carbon Di-Oxide
  • Mechanical Foam
  • Kitchen Fire
  • Water Base
  • Metal Fire
  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Square Wave Sign 1250 1100VA 12V
  • Pure Sine Wave SAP-Energie 1100A 12V
  • Sine Wave-SAP-Energie 1050 900VA 12V
  • Sine Wave-SAP-Energie 1650 1500 24V
  • Solar Hybrid SOL 1050 900VA 12V
  • Solar Hybrid-SOL 1650 1500 24V
  • Solar Home Light Inverter System
  • Stand Alone Solar Charger
  • Solar Multi-functional Portable Charger
  • Solar Light Power Zoom
  • Solar Camping Light
  • Solar Rechargeable Dimming Light
  • Small Solar Torch
  • Solar Lantern
  • Solar Lantern 4004SU

FREE Fire Safety Survey

Protect your home or office from any fire Accident. Avail Free Fire Safety Survey from Fire 1on1 at your doorstep.

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  • What Partners say Read Below

    “The new fire safety products from Fire 1on1 works flawlessly and delivers what it promises. It was easy to deploy and integrates beautifully with our existing processes, too. We are doing business with really good corporate offices in our territory and there views are really good. Fire products have been made using advanced technologies which enable us to lead the market.”

    Mr. Jitendra Tiwari (Minimax Megaventures Pvt. Ltd.)
    (C&F, Bhopal, M.P.)
  • What Clients say Read Below

    “We will always go the extra mile for our customers as Fire 1on1 makes it possible for us to give our customers excellent care and the service they deserve. We are leading the market in Fire safety Products sector due to high customer satisfaction rate. This has only been possible because of the technology we use and the quality we deliver.”

    Mr. Dharmpal Singh (Jubliant Technologies)
    (C&F, Bangalore, Karnataka)
  • What Clients say Read Below


    “Sneh Impex is collaborating with Fire 1on1 in Fire safety products range enabling our team to make an impactful and measurable difference in India. The industry of Fire Safety is now changing in India because of them. They have highly effective and technically advanced products which help us getting more and more business.”

    Mr. Saket Tibrewal (Sneh Impex)
    (C&F, Ahmedabad, Gujarat)
  • What Clients say Read Below

    “Fire 1on1 has become an asset for our organization. I was able to get all of the support and training I needed. The support staff is very helpful, and wants you to succeed. The training programs provided me with all the knowledge I needed to run the business. Because of the quality of the Fire Safety products we got clients like "Pentaloons", "Vodafone", "Century Ply" and many more.”

    Sweta Tusnial/Shekhar Tusnial (Vaps Infratel)
    (C&F, Kolkata, West Bengal)
  • What Clients say Read Below

    “Fire 1on1 provided us an opportunity to do business which not only helps us to earn profit but also recognition in the society. We feel proudto be a part of this social business.”

    Mrs. Prabha Sharma
    w/o Mr Jagdish Sharma
    (J.J Enterprises)
    (C&F, Jammu, J&K)
  • What Clients say Read Below

    “Fire 1on1's strength lies in its extremely knowledgeable team who are able to understand a business problem and provide a technology solution. Fire 1on1 team involves themselves with the business and take a interest in ensuring our success, not only for implementation but also throughout the product life.”

    Mr. Pardeep Bansal (Bansal Industries)
    (Franchisee, Patiala, Punjab)
  • What Clients say Read Below

    “Fire 1on1 has helped us to provide innovative fire safety solutions to our customers. Affordable and easy to use fire extinguishers is the USP of Fire 1on1.”

    Mr. Bhaskar Patil (Diamond Ecco Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)
    (Franchisee, Kolhapur, Maharashtra)
  • What Clients say Read Below

    “We chose Fire 1on1 to expand our market in Fire Safety because they did something nobody has done earlier. The Automatic and Portable Fire Extinguisher is the best fire safety product which any child, women or old person can use without training.”

    Mr. Kughaho Chishi (K C Battery Reviver)
    (MF, Dimapur, Nagaland)
  • What Clients say Read Below

    “Scaling our business to what it is today simply wouldn’t have been possible without Fire 1on1. We have built a strong clientele. Doing business with them is really great.”

    Mr. Hitesh Chaturvedi (Hitesh Enterprises)
    (Franchisee, Kolkata, West Bengal)
  • What Clients say Read Below

    “There is a feel good factor with doing business in the filed of Fire Safety Products. One is doing business and also addresssing a crucial market shortage in terms of fire prevention and safety. Fire 1on1 has made this possible for us. We are very encouraged by our association with them and growing with a team that is supportive both in terms of technology and service as well as in sales strategies support.”

    Mr. Ashok Wagh (Wagh and Sons)
    (Franchisee, Nashik, Maharashtra)
  • What Clients say Read Below

    “Fite Safety industry is increasing day by day with increase in awareness. We have got lot of confidence in the product range of Fire 1on1 which comes with 5 years warranty. We are happy, our customers are happy, it is a win-win situation.”

    Mr. Amol Dalal (Western Traders)
    (Franchisee, Mumbai, Maharashtra)
  • What Partenrs say Read Below

    “World is moving towards latest technologies in all sectors including fire safety. I present this product, Automatic and Portable Fire Extinguisher to my clients and proudly announce that this is made in India product which is also being exported to several countries. This Automatic and Portable Fire Extinguisher is your "fire guard" which is not paid salary for 5 years to snub fire at the inception. My customers are satisfied and sharing references.”

    Mr. Ashish Saxena (Sunmukh Systems)
    (MF, Ranchi, Jharkhand )